Founded in 1972, it is made up of professionals with Law and Economic Science degrees, who have themselves taught at universities and who are also the authors of various books and publications.

Since its foundation, Navarro Lawyers has counted on a compact, stable team of professionals, which allows the clients to be in constant contact with those who know their legal history. Due to this, the professionals at Navarro Lawyers have a broad and comprehensive knowledge of the clients’ legal history.

Our Firm requires that all its professionals be well versed in general law as well as having specialized knowledge in particular areas. This allows us to focus on and solve those problems our clients present us with via a comprehensive analysis and vision of all the legal aspects of the case in question. For this reason, general legal experience in all issues related to the Company is the basis of professional development at Navarro Lawyers, which is later complemented by specialization in particular areas of practice.

Since its inception, Navarro Lawyers has considered that on-going training, absolute dedication to the business entrusted to it and loyalty to its clients are the founding principles which ought to guide all its professional activity.

All of this has resulted in multinational corporations that trade on international stock markets and leading national companies being counted among our clients.